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Szombat, 2014-12-20, 12:12
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World of Warships Beta 2013

Látogatottság: 26 Hozzáadta:: Crazy-Joe Crazy-Joe 
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World of Warships brings to you the largest sea battles of the first half on the 20th Century. This new online MMO will put you at the helm of several warships ranging from light cruisers to giant sea-faring juggernauts.Learn the strategies and tactic subtleties of war at sea to achieve victory. Broadsiding, flanking attacks, one on one duel -- Each battle is different and has its own rewards.Expect a large array of warships to be implemented; Aircraft Carriers --providing air support, Battleships and Battle Cruisers -- their firepower will instill fear into your enemies, Light cruisers and Fast Destroyers -- their flank speed will make them deadly in numbers.Every class and every ship will have its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. The combinations of speed, armor, firepower, range, and other characteristics combine together and create ships with their own personality. The nimble Destroyer will be able to tear almost any opponent apart while out-maneuvering him, while one burst from a Battle Cruiser will severely damage, if not sink a warship. The Aircraft Carriers can have several decks to launch their aircraft from and they will enjoy a certain level of self-protection while they take on their main role of support ship to their Battle-Group. Remember that only while working together as a team you will achieve victory!Test your skills on different maps that portray various locations offering changing weather conditions that will challenge your sailing and tactical skills to the limit. You will travel from Europe to the shores of the Pacific Ocean's archipelago.

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Szerző: Кариус Отто
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1 LacaHUN   (2013-05-02 16:42)
Nem akarok senkit sem elkeseríteni de ez a  Battlestations: Pacific single player egyik küldetése full hd-ban.
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